10. Small businesses get tax credits to help provide insurance to their workers.

Thanks to Obamacare, small businesses are now eligible for tax credits for providing insurance to their workers. In 2014, the tax credits increase.

Read the Law.


‘‘(a) GENERAL RULE.—For purposes of section 38, in the case of an eligible small employer, the small employer health insurance credit determined under this section for any taxable year in the credit period is the amount determined under subsection (b).

‘‘(b) HEALTH INSURANCE CREDIT AMOUNT.—Subject to sub- section (c), the amount determined under this subsection with respect to any eligible small employer is equal to 50 percent (35 per- cent in the case of a tax-exempt eligible small employer) of the lesser of—

‘‘(1) the aggregate amount of nonelective contributions the employer made on behalf of its employees during the taxable year under the arrangement described in subsection (d)(4) for premiums for qualified health plans offered by the employer to its employees through an Exchange, or

‘‘(2) the aggregate amount of nonelective contributions which the employer would have made during the taxable year under the arrangement if each employee taken into account under paragraph (1) had enrolled in a qualified health plan which had a premium equal to the average premium (as deter- mined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services) for the small group market in the rating area in which the employee enrolls for coverage.