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  - Aggregation, Include, CInclude, XInclude samples.
  - $Id: samples.xml 638531 2008-03-18 19:41:46Z vgritsenko $
-<samples name="Aggregation">
-<group name="Back">
<sample name="Back" href="../"> Back to the samples home page. </sample>
-<group name="Data Sources">
<sample name="Slashdot" href="slashdot"> Live XML Feed from Slashdot. </sample>
<sample name="Moreover.com" href="moreover"> Live XML Developer News Feed from moreover.com. </sample>
<sample name="XMLHack.com" href="xmlhack"> Live Channel Feed from XMLHack.com. </sample>
-<group name="Aggregation Sample">
<sample name="Fixed Content Aggregation" href="aggregate"> Single web page with news from all sources above aggregated by the sitemap aggregation facilities. This is useful when you know that the parts of your page to aggregate are always the same and never change. </sample>
<sample name="Flexible Content Aggregation" href="aggregate2"> Single web page with news from all sources above aggregated by the include transformer. This is useful for pages where the user can customize the parts of the page to aggregate. </sample>
<sample name="Parallel Content Aggregation" href="aggregate3"> Same as sample above, but using separate threads for obtaining content from each aggregated source. This is useful when aggregating several sources with large latency. </sample>
<sample name="CInclude Content Aggregation" href="aggregate4"> Same as 'Flexible Content Aggregation' sample above, using CInclude transformer. </sample>
<sample name="XInclude Content Aggregation" href="aggregate5"> Same as 'Flexible Content Aggregation' sample above, using XInclude transformer. </sample>
-<group name="Include Samples">
<sample name="General" href="include-true-true-test"> Demonstration of various include features. </sample>
<sample name="Not Recursive" href="include-true-false-test"> Demonstration of various include features - no recursion. </sample>
<sample name="Not Parallel" href="include-false-true-test"> Demonstration of various include features - no includes in parallel threads. </sample>
-<group name="XInclude Samples">
<sample name="General" href="test.html"> Demonstration of various XInclude and XPointer features. </sample>
<sample name="XML Base" href="xbase.html"> Demonstration of xml:base support. </sample>
<sample name="Loop Inclusion" href="xloop.html"> Example of a loop inclusion. This will show an error page. </sample>
<sample name="Elementpath XPointer Scheme" href="xhtml.html"> Example of streaming inclusion using the custom elementpath XPointer scheme. </sample>
-<group name="Tests">
<sample name="Self Include" href="include-lock"> Document created by Cocoon pipeline includes this same pipeline twice, in parallel. Should not cause deadlocks in the caching pipeline (COCOON-1985). </sample>