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XSP Block Samples

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Hello, XSP

Hello Page - Dynamically generated hello page.
Logicsheet - Greetings page with logic separated into logicsheet.
Logicsheet2 - Different XSP using same logicsheet.
Cacheable - Cacheable XSP page.

eXtensible Server Pages in Java

Hello Stripped - Hello page with stripped empty spaces
Interpolation - Using attribute and text interpolation.
Simple XSP - Simple XSP example showing usage of several logicsheets.
Session XSP - Sample Session XSP to illustrate session handling.
File Uploads - Sample to illustrate file uploads.
Request - Request logicsheet tests.
Response - Response logicsheet tests.
Session - Session logicsheet tests.
Cookie - Cookies logicsheet tests.
Util - Util logicsheet tests.
Escaping - Escaping of non-ASCII characters.
Zipping - On-the-fly zipping of filtered files.
Java5 - Java5 syntax allowed, if running under a 1.5+ JVM.

eXtensible Server Pages in Javascript

Hello - Hello in Javascript
Hello Stripped - Hello with stripped empty spaces
Simple - Another simple XSP example.
Request - Request logicsheet tests (same as in Java).
Response - Response logicsheet tests (same as in Java).
Session - Session logicsheet tests (same as in Java).

eXtensible Server Pages in Python

This example requires python block, and jython.jar from Tested with versions 2.1 and 2.0

Hello - Hello in Python
Hello Stripped - Hello with stripped empty spaces

More examples

SOAP - Cocoon ships with facilities for immediate connection to SOAP resources. These examples show you how to connect to any web service with a few lines of XML markup using SOAP XSP Logicsheet. See also axis block that integrates Axis into Cocoon.