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 CVS $Id: components-samples.xml 452077 2006-10-02 15:35:22Z vgritsenko $ 
-<samples name="Components Samples" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">
-<group name="Back">
<sample name="Back" href="./"> Back to the samples home page. </sample>
<note> These are just some of the many facilities that are included with the core. See the main documentation for descriptions of all available components. </note>
-<group name="Generators">
<sample href="stream/uploadstring" name="Stream parameter value" xlink:role="dynamic"> An example getting a parameter value streamed into a pipeline using StreamGenerator. </sample>
<sample href="stream/uploadfile" name="Stream upload file" xlink:role="dynamic"> An example getting an uploaded file streamed into a pipeline using StreamGenerator. </sample>
<sample href="request.html" name="Request Page"> This example shows the usage of the RequestGenerator. </sample>
<sample href="imagereader/list" name="Image Directory Generator"> Read a directory, process images and find their attributes. </sample>
<sample href="cal" name="Calendar Generator"> Generate a calendar for any month and year. </sample>
-<group name="Transformers">
<sample href="source-write.xml" name="SourceWritingTransformer"> Examples of source writing transformer usage </sample>
<sample href="paginator/" name="Paginator"> Examples of Paginator transformer usage </sample>
<sample href="filter/" name="FilterTransformer"> Examples of filter transformer usage </sample>
-<group name="Readers">
<sample href="imagereader/" name="Image Reader"> Examples of ImageReader component usage </sample>